Expect something extra

At Beniger Pharmaceuticals, we want to be valued for the medicines we provide and trusted for the way we work, so expect somethings great always as we extend our hands to our neighbors.

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What science can do

We continually review the current and potential future requirements of scientists to ensure they are able to work with the best equipment in the field.

Virtual Reality For All

A frequent question often posed to us is “Although cool, is Molecular Rift more useful than traditional molecular visualizers”? to hear from scientists?

Access to healthcare

We are committed to increasing access to healthcare for underserved patient populations in a sustainable way. Our goal is always to improve health.

Our focus areas


We are motivated by a dedication to the scientific discovery and collaboration that will one day help eliminate cancer as a cause of death.


A significant unmet medical need remains in the areas of cognitive disorders, chronic pain and other central nervous system disorders.


We continue to follow the science by developing targeted inhaled and biologic therapies and devices to ensure the right treatments.

Infection and Vaccines

We work to protect patients against the burden of influenza and bacterial infections, particularly those resistant to current antibiotics.

Inflammation and Autoimmunity

Seeking to develop best-in-class and first-in-class treatments for a breadth of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases with unmet medical needs

Cardiovascular and Metabolic diseases

Following the science to help people maintain and improve cardiovascular and metabolic health.

Partnering: a way of life

We work alongside scientists at leading institutions to better understand disease, identify potential new drugs and accelerate drug development. We’re also pioneers in creating a more open research environment. We partner with others around the world, combining the great science in our labs with complementary technologies, know-how and molecules to accelerate the delivery of new life-changing medicines.

Our deals are structured to drive scientific progress from the bench to the bedside and we aim to create partnerships founded on trust and transparency that achieve mutually agreed goals.


  • “It is clear that you have a great understanding of how to conduct company/therapeutic area analyses and have included that knowledge in Beniger.”

    “Beniger is by far the best pharmaceuticals at my disposal. When one comes along like yours that is actually well engineered and does its job well!”.

  • “Good customer service can sometimes be difficult to come across these days, but Evaluate has always been first rate from my experience. Beniger is the best”

    “We considered all the available data sources that would support a systematic review of the biopharmaceutical pipeline. We opted for Beniger.”

  • “We don’t want a moment to elapse with not having the Evaluate product – it is a huge asset to our work. We love your product, I use it every day!”

    “Someone’s actually thought about what’s happened, as opposed to just writing about it....As always, Beniger has done a great job of supporting my company.”

Science to discover therapies with significantly improve and extend people's lives.

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